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Rishard Wedderburn, MA
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Academic Advising


At the end of each semester, the records of all matriculated students are reviewed to determine satisfactory academic progress. A Student’s academic standing at Shaw University is classified in one of five standings: Good Standing, Academic Warning, Academic Probation, Academic Suspension, or Academic Dismissal. A Student will remain in Good Academic Standing if he/she demonstrates satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the standards listed below.

Quantitative Standard:  

  • Students receiving financial aid must successfully earn two thirds of the credits attempted. Attempted hours include all hours attempted at the university, as well as transfer credits. 
  • The Maximum time frame allowed for a student to complete a degree and remain eligible for financial aid is 150% of the total credit hours to receive a degree in a particular course of study.  

Qualitative Standard: 

  • A student’s cumulative grade point average must meet the criteria specified in the table below:
Cumulative Credit Hours Accepted  Minimum Cumulative GPA 
0-29 1.5
30-59 1.8
60-89 2.0
90 and above 2.0

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP) 

The Higher Education Act of the U.S. Department of Education requires Shaw University to develop and apply a consistent standard for academic progress. To qualify for federal and state aid, a student must maintain satisfactory academic progress in the course of study the student is pursuing. Shaw University had developed its satisfactory Academic Progress Policy to comply with statutory requirements that student must make satisfactory academic progress to be eligible  for federal aid (Pell Grant, Federal  Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant –FSEOG Federal College Work- Study, Direct Stafford Loan- subsidized and unsubsidized, Direct  Pus Loan, and Federal Perkins Loan, state aid ( North Carolina Student Initiative Grant- NCSIG, State Contractual Fund –SCF), scholarships and institutional grants. Students who fail to maintain satisfactory progress may not receive financial aid unless an appeal has been approved. The satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is as follows:

Academic Warning and Academic Probation
A student is placed on academic warning when the student’s semester grade point average and credit hours fall below the minimum requirements according to the table above. If a student fails to remove the sanction by the end of the following semester, the student will be placed on academic probation. A student may remain on probation for two (2) consecutive semesters.

Students who have an academic warning, academic probation, remitted after an academic suspension or dismissal must adhere to the following:

  • Enroll in no more than 13 semester hours
  • Repeat all failed coursed that are core requirements for their degree or required for their major.
  • If students have not already done so, they must visit the Academic Advising Office to complete an Academic Recovery Plan, referral for additional assistance from the academic department for the failed courses and/or attend mandatory Tutorial Sessions.
  • Maintain regular contact with their academic faculty advisor and the Academic Advising office according to your individual Academic Recovery Plan.

If a student achieved a GPA of a .999 or less at the end of a fall or spring semester and has attempted 24 or more semester hours, then the student will be placed on academic suspension although the student has not been placed on academic warning or academic probation.

Academic Suspension and Academic Dismissal
Academic Suspension occurs automatically at the end of the second semester when a student fails to remove the academic probation sanction. A student who has an academic suspension sanction may improve his/her academic standing by attending summer school at Shaw University. Attendance at Summer School, however, does not result in automotive readmission to the University. Students may be readmitted upon the recommendation of the Academic Standards Committee.

The Academic Standards Committee will review a student’s progress at the end of the following semester following readmission to the University. In order to remain academically eligible, it is recommended that students attending on appeal successfully complete all attempted hours and obtain a minimum semester GPA of a 2.5. If the student has failed to improve his/her cumulative GPA at the end of the semester of readmission, the student is subject to academic dismissal. At the end of the second semester after readmission, the student must meet the aforementioned minimum standards.

Appeals Procedure for Academic Suspension/Dismissal:
Any student who is on Academic Suspension may appeal the suspension in writing to the Vice president for Academic Affairs. The request must include documentation to support the extenuating circumstances. Examples of documentation include but are not limited to: death certificates, statements from physicians, clergy or other viable information.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs will submit the students appeal to the Academic Standards Committee. The Academic Standards committee will review the academic suspension and or the academic appeal. If the appeal is approved, the readmitted student will be allowed to resume attending classes. If the appeal is denied the Academic Suspension/ Dis missal will stand and the student will be required to comply with the conditions on the decision of the Academic Standards Committee.  

Appeals must be made in writing and submitted to:
Chair, Academic Appeals Committee
C/O Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs
Shaw University
118 East South Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Appeals may also be made electronically to: 

All letters must include the following contact information:  

Jane Doe (I.D. Number 2012345)
123 East Street
Raleigh, NC 12345
Contact Number: 919-555-5555
Email Address: