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Recreation Management

Recreation is an essential part of human life and finds many different forms which are shaped naturally by individual interests but also by the surrounding social construction. Participation in leisure and recreation opportunities encourages a connection to neighbors and fellow citizens and promotes pride within the community. Also, recreation programs are a natural venue for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities.  Participation in these programs helps keep people of all ages and abilities active and involved. Healthy lifestyle choices that include involvement in positive recreation, leisure, and fitness opportunities have been shown to enhance the health and well-being of individuals and the communities in which they live.

NRPA is the lead governing body that allows for program accreditation and individual certification in the field of recreation. The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing park, recreation, and conservation efforts that enhance the quality of life for all people. Educational institutions that are accredited by NRPA allowed for the Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP). Through national certification you join thousands of people who are committed to fostering the highest standards of ethical and professional practice in the delivery of park and recreation programs and services. 

The major Recreation Management at Shaw University is designed to prepare students with basic professional skills that are essential for implementing recreation programs in community agencies, schools, recreation agencies, fitness centers, etc.  A total of 450 hours of professional observation and practicum experience are required of majors in Recreation Management. A minor is available and requires 16 credit hours in selected courses.

Major Requirements for Athletic Training Credits
REC 201 Foundations of Leisure and Recreation 3
REC 230 Introduction to Park Management 3
REC 281 Principles & Techniques of Recreation 3
REC 284 Outdoor Education & Camping 3
REC 285 Supervised Experience in Recreation - I 1
REC 311 Commercial Recreation and Tourism 3
REC 340 Recreation, Parks and Diverse Populations 3
REC 352 Event Planning 3
REC 381 Planning & Administration of Social Recreation 3
REC 382 Parks & Recreation Supervision 3
REC 385 Supervised Experience in Recreation II 1
REC 450 Legal Aspects of Recreation Administration 3
REC 485 Supervised Experience in Recreation III 1
REC 491 Internship in Recreation 6
REC 495 Special Topics in Recreation 1
HPE 214 Beginning Swimming 1
HPE 221 Intro. To HPER & Allied Health Professions 3
HPE 274 First Aid & Safety 2
HPE 432 Organization and Administration of HPER 3
HPE 472 Tests & Measurement in Adapted P.E., REC, & KT 3
HPE 492 Research Seminar in Recreation 3
ART 413 Crafts 3
BUS 204 Principles of Business 3
PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOC 341 Social Psychology 3
Electives Any class not required by the program (9 credits total)  12 
Total Hours Required 122