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Department of Allied Health Professions

Course Syllabi

HPE 111Personal Health and Safety (1) - Fall, Spring, Summer
HPE 112Fundamental Motor Skills (1) - Fall, Spring, Summer
HPE 113Sports Technique and Motor Skills -I (2) Majors Only - Fall
HPE 114Sports Techniques and Motor Skills -II (2) – Spring
HPE 214Beginning Swimming (1) – Fall, Summer
HPE 215Intermediate Swimming (1) – Spring, Summer
HPE 216Medical Terminology for Allied Health Professions (2) - Fall
HPE 221Introduction to Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Allied Health Professions (3) - Fall
HPE 224Folk, Square, and Clog Dance (2) – Alternate in Spring
HPE 225Modern Dance (2) – Alternate in Spring
HPE 244Gymnastics (2) – Fall, even-numbered years
HPE 274First Aid and Safety (2) - Fall, Summer
HPE 285Supervised Experience in Therapeutic Clinical Settings-I (1) - Fall, Spring, Summer
HPE 321Motor Learning (3) – Fall
HPE 373Physiology of Exercise (3) - Spring.
HPE 374Kinesiology and Analysis of Human Movement (3) –  Spring
HPE 375Kinesiotherapy-I (3)– Fall
HPE 376 Therapeutic Exercise (3) – Spring
HPE 377 Advanced Personal Trainer Certification (3) – Spring
HPE 385Supervised Experience in Therapeutic Clinical Settings -II (1) – Fall, Spring, Summer
HPE 423Adapted Physical Education, Therapeutic Recreation and Kinesiology (3) – Spring
HPE 424Kinesiotherapy-II: Clinical Practicum (3) – Spring
HPE 432Organization and Administration of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Kinesiotherapy (3) - Spring
HPE 472Tests and Measurements in Adapted Physical Education, Recreation, and Kinesiotherapy (3) - Spring
HPE 485Supervised Experience in Therapeutic Clinical Settings-III (1) Prerequisite: HPE 385 - Fall, Spring, Summer
HPE 490Methods of Teaching Allied Health Sciences (3) – Fall
HPE 492Research and Seminar in Allied Health and Kinesiotherapy (3) - Spring
HPE 493Clinical Internship in Kinesiotherapy (6-12) - Fall, Spring, Summer
ATH 100Introduction to Athletic Training (3) – Spring/Day
ATH 285Supervised Experience in Athletic Training I (1) – Fall/Day
ATH 286Supervised Experience in Athletic Training II (1) – Spring/Day
ATH 378Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries(3) – Spring/Day
ATH 379Therapeutic Modalities (3) – Spring/Day
ATH 380Pharmacology(3) – Spring/Day
ATH 383Lower Extremity Evaluation (3) –Spring/Day
ATH 384Upper Extremity Evaluation(3) – Fall/ Day
ATH 385Supervised Experience in Athletic Training III (1) – Fall /Day
ATH 386Nutrition for Sports and Performance (3) –Spring/Day
ATH 400Rehabilitation Techniques(3) – Fall/Day
ATH 424Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis in Athletic Training (3) –Spring/Day
ATH432Organization and Administration in Athletic Training (3) – Fall/ Day
ATH 485Supervised Experience in Athletic Training IV (1) – Spring/Day
ATH 492General Medical Conditions in Athletic Training (3) – Fall/ Day
ATH 493Supervised Experience in Athletic Training V(1) – Fall/Day
ATH 494Supervised Experience in Athletic Training VI (1) – Spring/Day
CSD 151Introduction to Communication Disorders (3) – Spring/Day
CSD 245Nature of Language (3)
CSD 246Beginning Sign Language (3) – Fall/Spring/Day
CSD 251Phonetics (3) – Fall/Evening
CSD 351Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (3) – Spring/Day
CSD 352Disorders of Articulation (3) – Fall/Day/Evening
CSD 353Disorders of Fluency and Voice (3) – Fall/Evening
CSD 360Speech and Hearing Science (3) – Fall/Day
CSD 361Introduction to Audiology (3) – Spring/Day
CSD 363Aural Rehabilitation (3) – Fall/Day
CSD 451Diagnostics Methods in Speech Pathology (3) – Spring/Evening
CSD 453Disorders of Language (3) – Fall/Evening
CSD 455Neural Basis of Communication (3) -  Fall-Day/Evening
CSD 460Clinical Observations and Techniques (3) – Fall/Spring-Day
CSD 467Clinical Practicum I (3) – Fall/Day
CSD 468Clinical Practicum II (3) – Spring/Day
REC 201  Foundations of Leisure and Recreation (3) Summer, Fall
REC 230Introduction to Park Management (3) Fall
REC 281Principles and Techniques of Recreation Leadership (3) - Fall
REC 284Outdoor Education and Camping Techniques (3) - Spring
REC 285Supervised Experience in Recreation I (1) - Fall, Spring, Summer
REC 311Commercial Recreation and Tourism (3) Fall
REC 340  Recreation, Parks and Diverse Populations (3) Spring
REC 352Event Planning (3) Spring
REC 381Planning and Administration of Social Recreation (3)  Spring
REC 382Parks and Recreation Supervision (3)  Fall
REC 385Supervised Experience in Recreation II (1) Fall, Spring, Summer
REC 450  Legal Aspects of Recreation Administration (3)  Spring
REC 485Supervised Experience in Recreation III (1)  Spring, Summer, Fall
REC 491Internship in Recreation (6) Fall, Spring, Summer
REC 495Special Topics in Recreation 1-3 credits Fall, Spring