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FEature - Business & PA
Department of Business & Public Administration

The Department of Business and Public Administration at Shaw University provides an education that prepares students for the workforce in related business fields or to continue their studies in graduate or professional school. Students who pursue majors in the department acquire an in-depth knowledge of the discipline and develop and strengthen their analytical, cognitive, speaking and writing skills, as well as build an awareness of and commitment business and public values and ethics.  

Main Areas of Study

  • Business Principles
  • Accounting
  • Management 
  • Economics
  • Public Policy
  • Finance

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

What Students Can Expect

The programs in the department are designed to prepare students for the workforce upon graduation or for studies in graduate or professional school. Most graduates find work in their fields or related fields, including opportunities in 
banking, human resources, state and federal agencies and law enforcement.

Advantages/Highlights of Studying in the Department   

The degree programs in the Department are designed to prepare students for the world of work upon graduation or for studies in graduate or professional school. Most of our graduates find work in their fields or related fields, and a significant number goes on to pursue graduate or professional studies. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in internship programs.

Shaw University has a Strategic Alliance Memorandum (SAM) with Small Business Administration (SBA) in Washington, DC which leads to the establishment of a Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) on Shaw campus. The purpose of the strategic Alliance Memorandum is to develop and foster mutual understanding and working relationship between SBA and Shaw University in order to strengthen and expand small business development in the local area. The center is operated by the Department of Business and Public Administration. For more information on SBRC please contact Mr. Beckwith at 919 546 8498.