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Department of Humanities

Faculty and Staff Directory

Baloubi  Baloubi, Désiré, Chair
(2001), Ph.D. Ball State University
Professor of English and Linguistics
919-546-8317 | | Publications

 Parker-Devine  Parker Devine, Vickie
(2002), Administrative Assistant
919-546-8254 | 
 Blair  Blair, Lisa M.
(1993), Ph.D. Florida State University
Associate Professor of French and Spanish
919-546-8306 | 
 Clemons  Clemons, Susie
(2011), MFA National University
Assistant Professor of English
919-582-3759 | 
 Dighton  Dighton, Desiree
(2010), MFA Southern Illinois University--Carbondale
Assistant Professor of English
919-278-2676 | 
 Jackson  Jackson, Rachida
(1996), Ph.D. Universite de Sorbonne Nouvelle- Paris III
Assistant Professor of English
919-546-8318 | 
 Justice  Justice, Derrick A.
(2009), M.S., NC State University M.Div., Duke University
Instructor of English
919-546-88619 | 
 Negrea  Negrea, Irina
(2010), Ph.D. Lehigh University
Assistant Professor
919-546-8207 | 
 Nwosu  Nwosu, Patricia
(1990), Ph.D. Atlantic International University
Assistant Professor of English
919-546-8541 | 
 Tejan-Cole  Tejan-Cole, Ahmed
(2001), MA North Carolina Central University
Instructor of History
919-546-8401 | 
 Tenebaum  Tenenbaum, David
(2010), Ph.D. CUNY Graduate Center
Assistant Professor of English
919-546-5886 | 
  Wadelington, Flora J Hatley
(2005), MA North Carolina Central University
Assistant Professor of History
919-546-3745 | | Publications