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Department of Humanities List of Publications

Dr. Désiré Baloubi
Chair, Department of Humanities/Professor of English and Linguistics  

Dr. Baloubi

Baloubi, D. (2005). The Morphophonemics of the Idaacha Dialect of Yoruba. Charlotte, NC: Conquering Books.
This book describes the grammar of the Idaacha dialect of Yoruba, which is a West African language spoken primarily in Nigeria and Benin. The specific areas the description covers are phonology and morphophonemics within the theoretical framework of generative phonology and the autosegmental approach. The book also examines tones and vowel harmony, but the core of the study is the interface of phonological and derivational processes with special reference to nominals, associative constructions, noun compounding, verb-noun contraction, and deverbal nouns.

Baloubi, D. Ed. (2009). The Africa We Know. Littleton, MA: Tapestry Press, Ltd.
The book, edited by Dr. Désiré Baloubi with a preface by late Dr. Frederic Jones, former chair of the Shaw University Department of Humanities, is a collection of essays written by African scholars across American universities and colleges. It is divided into three parts. The first part covers topics such as African philosophy, world view, history, heritage, and culture. The second part is about language, literature, communication, and literacy, while the third part discusses important issues related to society, development, education, and gender.