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Academics - Distance Education



Shaw University exists to advance knowledge, facilitate student learning and achievement, enhance the spiritual and ethical values of its students, and to transform a diverse community of learners into future global leaders.

The Academic Affairs Unit is committed to enhancing and improving distance education at Shaw University by providing quality training and support to faculty and students. Our mission is to ensure integrity and quality in all courses utilizing a distance education format.

Shaw University is proactive and committed to ensuring online course integrity.


In order to meet the increasing demand for online and distance education courses, it is critical that Shaw University train and support faculty and students in developing, teaching, and taking courses via one of the distance education formats. This training and support will enable faculty members to effectively integrate and implement new technologies into their courses to enhance their online course management and teaching skills. Students will train on how to be effective learners in distance education formats and to achieve learning outcomes. It will also support Shaw University’s goal to increase student enrollment, retention and satisfaction in distance education courses, ensure online and distance education integrity, as well as provide education access.


The Office of Educational Technology provides services to both faculty and students. Faculty services include training in new and innovative technology, course management system training, and training on effective online teaching.

Student services include training on Moodle and how to become an efficient distance education learner.