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 Honors College Students

Student Involvement

Learning Experiences and Conferences

All students of the Honors College are expected to learn and demonstrate leadership on campus through active involvement and participation in campus organizations and initiatives as well as community involvement. Our students regularly serve in the Student Government Association, fraternities and sororities, and sports teams, and have represented the university as Miss Shaw University and Miss Homecoming. They are integral in planning university-wide activities HC students serve as student ambassadors, chapel ushers, as resident assistants and members of sports teams and the band– literally in every aspect of campus life. Our students are also expected to give back to the community through weekly volunteer service.

Our students’ academic experience is enriched by numerous opportunities for inspiration, networking and professional growth. Among them are:

Academic Enrichment

  • Special honors colloquia on myriad topics, such as advanced study skills, African American ethnography, the Black Bourgeoisie, life after college, and research skills.
  • Workshops, career fairs, lecture series, academic quiz bowls and fun activities enhance learning.
  • Students enjoy a fee waiver when carrying more than 18 credit hours due to honors seminars.

National Association of African American Honors Programs (NAAAHP)
The National Association of African American Honors Programs promotes and advances honors and similar educational programs in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Predominantly Black Colleges and Universities (PBCUs), as well as institutions that provide honors education for African American students. Students of the Honors College are selected to attend and actively participate in NAAAHP’s fall conference, and compete in Model African Union, quiz bowl, and debate competitions as well as present papers and their research in a professional setting. In 2007, Shaw University’s teams won the quiz bowl tournament and received the Most Accurate Country Representation for the Model African Union.

Emerging Leaders Workshop
Emerging Leaders WorkshopThe Emerging Leaders Workshop (ELW), hosted by the Virginia Tech Graduate School each August, offers a unique opportunity for honor students from HBCUs to meet, learn and be inspired by college graduates who have excelled in their academic fields and are pursuing an advanced degree and by professionals from many fields who lend their expertise and knowledge of the corporate and professional workplace. Lectures, workshops and activities are designed to develop sustainable leadership through academic success, community service and ethical behavior. The goal of the Emerging Leaders Workshop is to develop a core of leaders who will demonstrate what they have learned and share these attributes with others in their communities. By stressing the importance of excelling in academics and applying this educational learning in pursuit of a career, students involved in ELW will have a greater chance to serve in leadership positions and as catalysts for positive change. Participants have an opportunity to prepare for graduate school and careers through interaction with peers, senior scholars, faculty, industry professionals, government leaders and guest speakers.

NC Honors AssociationNorth Carolina Honors Association
Shaw students are prepared and encouraged to present their research at the annual North Carolina Honors Association meeting held each fall by a member school of the association. Students have the opportunity to interact with their peers and faculty from other colleges and universities throughout the state.

Honor Scholars Association (HSA)

The Honor Scholars Association provides additional avenues for students to engage in activities to develop and strengthen their leadership skills and abilities. Through this organization, students plan and implement social, educational, service and cultural events.

Officers of the association serve a one year term and are elected during the spring semester of each year. The officers are responsible for setting the calendar and agenda of the association. They play a pivotal role in assuring that all honors students are participating in the various projects and events of the Honor Student Association.

President Miriam Young
Vice President Sadé Thomas
Secretaries Merone Zewde and
Ashleigh McDanieL
Treasurer Destinii Smith
Chaplain Princeanna Brooks
Parliamentarian Ariel Griffin
Miss Honors Dominique Lewis