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The National Collegiate Honors Council

The National Collegiate Honors Council, the professional association of undergraduate honors programs and colleges; honors directors and deans; and honors faculty, staff, and students.  NCHC provides support for institutions and individuals developing, implementing, and expanding Honors education through curriculum development, program assessment, teaching innovation, national and international study opportunities, internships, service and leadership development, and mentored research. More generally, NCHC carries out this mission by serving Honors professionals and by advocating support for and excellence in higher education for all students. 

National Association of African-American Honors Programs

In May 1990, a group of Honors Directors met to discuss plans for a national organization of honors programs designed to address the specific needs of honors education for African-American students.  The group of Directors agreed to establish an organization that they called the National Association of African-American Honors Programs (NAAAHP). The group established a set of goals designed to promote the continued empowerment of its constituents (students) through enhanced cognitive and affective experiences:

  • Develop, enhance, and support honors program in all HBCUs and PBCUs;
  • Stimulate and encourage community service and leadership as one of the highest aims of education;
  • Advocate the funding of honors programs by federal and state agencies as well as by private philanthropic foundations and organizations;
  • Facilitate the enrollment of African-American students into graduate and professional schools;
  • Promote a curriculum that fosters a lifelong disciplined approach to knowledge and scholarship through inquiry and exploration; and
  • Develop an undergraduate educational environment that promotes scholarship, knowledge, and an appreciation of African-American culture as a mirror for understanding other great world cultures.

Honda Campus All-Star Challenge

Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC) is HCASC is the first-ever academic competition between students at America's Historically Black Colleges & Universities. Now in its 24th season, nearly 100,000 HCASC players have demonstrated their incredible intellects and fast recall, and for their efforts, have earned $6 million in grants from Honda for their institutions.