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Campus Resource Rooms & Liaisons

Adult Degree Program

Learning Resource Rooms are located at each Adult Degree Program campus and serve the students and faculty with books, electronic periodical and journal access, daily newspapers, computers, printers and Internet access. The Cheek Library staff is assigned to serve as contacts or liaisons for the students and faculty at each campus students may contact the assigned liaison for research assistance by calling them using the toll free number listed on the contact posters in each resource room, by emailing them directly, or by contacting them using the Ask-A-Librarian feature on the Shaw University libraries website. Library liaisons visit the campuses at least twice per year at the beginning of each semester to teach information literacy skills to students and provide the faculty with updates and training in the use of new electronic resources and databases.

Adult Degree Program students and faculty, please tell us how we may better assist you! If you have a comment or question Ask-A-Librarian is just a few keystrokes away.