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Private or Alternative Student Loans

The lenders listed are lenders previously used by students at Shaw University. These loans are credit based loans that require a good credit history. Families are encouraged to carefully review and consider the terms of any private loans prior to applying. Shaw University requires that you receive pre-approval and complete the promissory note before the Financial Aid Office will certify your alternative loan. Please review and consider your choice wisely.

For more information contact, Patricia Russell at 919-546-8303 or via email at

Lenders & Details

LENDER ID: 802218

The simple and smart loan option for undergraduate students Choosing our Smart Option Student Loan® as your undergraduate student loan solution offers various financial and educational benefits, including:

  • Rewards for paying your undergraduate student loans on time while in school
  • Borrow up to 100% of your school-certified costs of education
  • Deferred Repayment Option
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • No origination fees and no prepayment penalties
  • Free quarterly FICO® Credit Score

LENDER ID: 807176

Looking for money to help out with eligible expenses such as tuition, housing, books, a laptop, and more? Wells Fargo makes it easy to borrow up to $25,000 to pay for your education. With a Wells Fargo student loan, you can get money for college now and not make any payments while you're in school. 

  • No payments until six months  after you leave schooI
  • It's quick, easy, and free to apply online
  • No application fee, No origination fees
  • Use a Wells Fargo Collegiate Loan to borrow up to the entire cost of education
  • Current and Past Balance loans. For a past balance loan we can go up to one year in the past (not more than 365 days).

  Discover Student Loans
LENDER ID: 831312

Cover up to 100% of school-certified college and graduate school costs