The Archive is open to researchers during regular hours as posted and follows the general schedule of the University Calendar. Reading privileges are granted in subject to the following policies.

·          There will be no book bags, briefcases, handbags, or other items for carrying materials brought into the room. These items will be stored in a locker under lock and key in the possession of the researcher. Provided by the Archive’s Staff.

·          Only pencils may be used during research.

·          Outside reference materials must have advance approval by the Archive’s staff.

·          No cameras will be allowed in the Archive.

·          The collection policy prohibits the copying of entire collections, restricted materials or complete oral histories (Notes may be taken).

·          There will be a limit on the amount of materials given to any one person. i.e. One:  box,  folder,  during research.

·          The Archives' staff will pull all materials.

·          Appointments must be made prior to visiting for research.

·          Patrons visiting the Archive must fill out a registration from and show picture ID.

·          The Archive Is a Smoke Free Environment.

·          Theft and mutilation of documents are crimes failing to abide by these policies may be denied access to the collections.  

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