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Divinity Graduate Dedicates the Future to Serving Others

Nichole GloverFor Nichole Glover, the journey to her future has not always been easy, but she believes the path she’s on is ordained by God. 

On May 13, she will graduate from the School of Divinity at Shaw University with a Master of Arts in Christian Education. She’s made it despite the challenges of pursuing a graduate degree as a single mother while also working full-time and serving the church faithfully, but she doesn’t see this as her end goal. It’s just one step along the way to passionately serving others. 

Born in Washington, D.C., Glover spent most of her formative years in Raleigh. After earning a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems at North Carolina Central University, life’s journey took her to New Jersey, then Georgia, where she spent almost 20 years before returning to North Carolina. 

At that time, she didn’t know she’d become the third generation in her family to attend Shaw. Her mother, Carolyn Levister Harris, graduated in 1946 and started a 50-year career as a nurse. Her grandfather, Joshua Walden Levister Sr., graduated the same year and became an educator and community leader.

Before enrolling in Shaw’s Divinity School, Glover was already an ordained minister and working at AT&T as a senior technical team lead. When she returned to Raleigh, she joined Saint Matthew Baptist Church and began serving as an associate minister. 

Even with these commitments, she went back to school with the dream of further equipping herself to create a non-profit ministry, as well as teaching, preaching, evangelizing and advocating against injustice.

While she was a student, Glover continued to work and received new job assignments as senior application developer and then senior technical project manager. She also served as the Raleigh area ambassador of AT&T’s ASPIRE Mentoring Academy.

“I was juggling many responsibilities,” she says. “But it was accomplished through prayer and the support of my biological and spiritual families, my church family and Shaw’s faculty and staff.” 

Glover’s time as a graduate student at Shaw points toward academic excellence, presence in the community and caring service to others. 

She served as president of the Graduate Student Government Association. She engaged in civic life, marching next to her classmates and professors for causes of great importance to the community. She joined Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. This weekend, she will graduate with honors

Through each step, support from her Shaw classmates and mentors guided the way. 

"The Divinity School faculty, staff and students have helped by lifting up me and my son in prayer, showing love, listening with their ears and hearing with their hearts," she says. "They’ve sown seeds of knowledge and wisdom allowing me to increase in discernment and understanding." 

Glover points to her professors as special mentors who not only provided instruction but also prayed with her and helped her navigate her spiritual calling.  

"I continue to praise God for Dr. James Ashmore," she says. “The first time I visited, he prayed with me, and as he prayed, God used him to speak to each of my concerns and questions regarding my service to God's kingdom. Also, Dr. Joe Stevenson taught my first course in the program. God used his teaching in the Spiritual Formation class to solidify and confirm this journey has been purposed for a time such as this." 

Stevenson says Glover embodies the excellence the university promotes in its students. 

"Nichole exemplifies what it means to be a Shaw University student," he says. "She has many gifts and graces. She’s a hard worker whose passion for service and academia does not tire but seems to gain strength with each new challenge she faces." 

Glover looks forward to the next challenge – further developing a non-profit she has started, OPTIONS2 Incorporated. 

"My goal is to support people of all ages, but especially our youth and young adults, in being victorious over all things of this earth," she says. “My hope is to help them become liberated from past trials, failures or negative experiences and elevated to the greatness God has purposed for us all." 

As a mother, as a spiritual leader and now as a Shaw graduate, Glover will continue on the path of devoted service to others. As she prepares to help others through the sometimes-challenging journey of life, she says the most important thing is to continue forward in faith. 

"The journey is real, but God has created us all with a purpose. Be who God created you to be. Be your best you. Be great; be epic!"