Biographical Information


Professor Joyce Richardson



Professor Joyce Richardson is a graduate of Shaw University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education. She received a Master’s of Arts Degree in Elementary Education in 1982 from East Carolina University and the Educational Specialist Degree in Public School Administration in 1987 from East Carolina. She is certified as a public school administrator (superintendent and principal), an elementary school teacher, mentor teacher, middle school language arts teacher, and curriculum specialists.

  Her philosophy of teaching is that effective teachers are facilitators of instruction for diverse learners. She believes that teachers must be committed to varying instructional strategies to meet the needs of students.  Professor Richardson has taught in elementary schools for 18 years and served as a school administrator for 14 years. At Shaw University, she has served the Department of Education as the Coordinator of Field Experiences and Assistant Professor since 2000.

  Her research interests include perception of kindergarten teachers on retention and faculty development intervention that will influence student achievement in reading and writing.  In 2007, Professor Richardson collaborated with the Wake County Public School System to develop a successful federal grant proposal entitled the “Teach -Up Program.As a part of this program, she recruits school support personnel with bachelor degrees and helps them to obtain teacher certification.