Biographical Information


Professor Lucy Wilson




Lucy Wilson has a lengthy career in early childhood education. She taught preschool in the public and private sector for over 18 years. She holds a B.A. degree in Sociology/Social Welfare from Saint Augustine's College, Raleigh, N.C., and a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. She also received her Child Development Associate training from Shaw University, Raleigh, N.C. She is the director of the Child Development Associate Program (CDA), as well as advisor, and portfolio developer. She is a project coordinator for the Teacher Education Project (TEP). This grant program enrolls 15 Head Start teachers at Shaw University where they are working toward their Birth through Kindergarten degree. She holds a license from the state of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in Elementary Education (Grades K-6). She is an assistant professor and teaches undergraduate courses in BK.


Professor Wilson is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the National Black Child Institute, and the National Head Start Association. She volunteers with the Choanoke Area Development, Inc., Head Start of Wake County, Martin Community County Action, and she serves as a Board member for Telamon Corporation N.C. Regional Head Start Policy Council. She believes that knowledge and preparation are powerful keys to create nurturing environments that can lead to effective teaching and a positive concrete learning experience for children.