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Faculty Development

Faculty Awards - Mini Grants Award Program

Proposal Guidelines  

Purpose: The Purpose of the Mini-Grants Award Program is to provide funding of proposals. These awards are for use by faculty members with a vision to contribute new knowledge or tools. Faculty are particularly encouraged to submit projects related to promoting teaching excellence and advancing learning, with broad departmental or university impact.

Eligibility: All full-time faculty (teaching and non-teaching) are eligible to apply. Proposals can be submitted by an individual faculty or jointly as a group of faculty.

Review Process: All applications for funding should be submitted to the faculty member's Dean, who will then forward them to the chair of the Faculty Development Award Advisory committee. Each application will go through a blind review and the committee will make recommendations with regards to funding to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Proposal Requirements: The proposal should not exceed five (5) typed pages (single or double-spaced in 10-point or higher typeface) in length, excluding bibliographies, or attachments.

Organize the proposal under the following sections:

Guidelines and General Criteria for Evaluating 

Proposals for Mini-grant Awards 
Proposals for Faculty Development-supported faculty awards are evaluated by the FDAC. Proposals will go through a blind review. The merit of the proposal will be determined on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Critical nature of the problem in question.
  2. Short and long term benefits: faculty, instructional,
  3. institutional, and the students
  4. Value of expected outcome in relation to the cost
  5. Appropriateness of the budget
  6. Clarity and thoroughness of project description
  7. Format of proposal
  8. Feasibility of project in the time frame
  9. Relevant qualification of the faculty member