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Professional Development

Recognition and Awards for Teaching Excellence

It is time to nominate three of your full-time faculty colleagues (that for the following).  Please see the attached document also.  

  1. Excellence in Academic Teaching Award
  2. Excellence in Academic Research Award
  3. Excellence in Academic Service Award  

Because it is of great reserve and honor to recognize our academic professionals, I look forward to receiving nomination letters.  The Office of Faculty Development will contact nominees and advise them on preparing and submitting their professional portfolios for review.  The Faculty Enhancement Advisory Committee will review the portfolios and advise the three faculty members that are chosen for the three awards. 

All nominees’ professional portfolios are due in the Faculty Development office latest March 24.  The Faculty Enhancement Advisory Committee will review all nominees’ portfolios on April 4. and the winners will be notified accordingly.   Nominees should please state the exact award, (from the three categories above), for which they are applying, based on their own strengths.  

Excellence in Professional Assistance Award: 

The Faculty Enhancement Advisory Committee also commenced an annual Excellence in Faculty Professional Assistance Award.This award goes to a Faculty Support Staff at Shaw University. Some of our faculty support staff members demonstrate excellence in the performance of their duties. This is one way of saying "thank you" to faculty support staff members. Nomination letters are also due in the Faculty Development office by March 24. The Faculty Enhancement Advisory Committee will select the winner after reviewing letters of recommendation and supporting artifacts from nominees by April 4. The Awards Day ceremony for the University is on April 14 but the Faculty Awards presentation day is at the discretion of our President.Faculty and staff will be informed. Nominees must be exceptionally skilled in faculty assistance and in human relations toward the faculty and the students.