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A Letter From President Dubroy

Election 2016 - Nothing will stop our momentum

Dear Shaw University Family,

As a university president who is charged with representing an eclectic mix of constituent groups, each with their own moral, spiritual and political views, I fully acknowledge that my views may not align with yours. There is no easy way to pen this message, but silence is not an option.

I dare not minimize your feelings with a flowery narrative about Shaw's role as an institution of character and legacy, or your responsibility to remain engaged in our democratic process. You were engaged. You strolled, watched, discussed, encouraged others. You voted. I am very proud of each and every one of you for all you've done and will continue to do to maintain a life of civic responsibility. 

The results of the elections are a hard pill to swallow for many Americans across the nation and for people around the world. Half the nation is now going through denial and anger, while the other half is celebrating change. Eventually, some of those alienated will go through acceptance, realizing that if President-Elect Trump fails, we all fail.

Many questions on key issues like higher education, foreign relations, immigration, economic revitalization, homeland security, healthcare and trade are yet to be answered.

I will remain steadfast in my leadership and advocacy for Shaw University and we will pursue a bi-partisan approach to gaining investment in our institution. 

Our free democracy allows its citizens to determine the course of its leadership, and the 2016 election granted the populous that opportunity. Mr. Trump may not have been the popular candidate, but the result of the elections is our collective outcome to carry. 

Let it never be said that the Shaw University family buckled under the pressures of political dissent, economic disparity or civil unrest. We are stronger than that. We are strengthened by a diverse community of learners and educators whose differences and similarities add value to the holistic academic experience. In unity, we will continue to aspire for greatness together.

I believe that God is in control of everything. So today's and tomorrow's outcomes are in His hands. I also believe in the human spirit - knowing that even amidst differences in opinions, people are good at heart.

Let's spend our time investing in the things that have the potential to elevate our communities, the nation and the world: education, small business development, preventative healthcare. Then, there are the intangibles - peace, empathy and love.

Carry on in that spirit. Continue to mean and to do well to all around you. Inform and inspire our students. Educate them about the opportunity they have to make a difference, then activate excellence.  

Shaw University is thriving and nothing will stop our momentum.  

With Shaw U Pride,

Dr. Dubroy

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