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Library Renovation Photo

Library Gets Facelift, Technology Upgrades

Recent facility upgrades have made the James E. Cheek Learning Resource Center not only an enjoyable place to study for Shaw students but a place to meet friends and socialize as well.

Additions to the library include natural light filters, colorful carpet, more comfortable seating such as couches and chairs, and movable tables to facilitate collaboration and flexibility. The reading rooms have been redesigned in a ‘cafe setting’ to be a more welcoming environment and small collaboration spaces have been added with more power sources.

Shaw librarian Tom Clark says the purpose of these upgrades is to enhance student learning by embracing the mobility of information.

The libraries most of us grew up with were formal, dark quiet, guarded warehouses,” says Clark. “Computers and information technology have transformed learning to require inviting, dynamic spaces that support collaboration between young scholars.”

Shaw students have certainly noticed the changes.

I feel like it’s more open and the change in environment is making people actually want to come to the library and study,” says Charisma, a sophomore. “I like the chairs because they’re more comfortable to sit in and make me want to sit longer and do work. It’s just really pretty and open.”

It makes you actually want to come in and do your work,” added Tyra, a freshman. 

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