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Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program


The Critical Thinking Community
PO Box 196 | Tomales, CA 94971
Phone: (800) 833-3645 or (707) 878-9100
Fax: (707) 878-9111

Listof books 

  • Critical Thinking: What Every Person Needs to Survive in a Rapidly Changing World by Richard Paul
  • Learning to Think Things Through: A Guide to Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum (Fourth Edition) by Gerald M.
  • Nosich
  • The International Critical Thinking Reading & Writing Test by Richard Paul and Dr. Linda Elder
  • Intellectual Standards: The Words That Name Them And the Criteria That Define Them by Dr. Linda Elder and Dr.
  • Richard Paul
  • The Art of Socratic Questioning by Dr. Richard Paul and Dr. Linda Elder
  • Critical Thinking Concepts & Tools by Richard Paul and Dr. Linda Elder
  • Practical Ways for Promoting Active and Cooperative Learning by Dr. Wesley Hiler and Dr. Richard Paul
  • Critical Thinking and Mathematical Problem Solving (Current Educational Issues DVD Series) Published by The
  • Foundation for Critical Thinking
  • LISTEN: How to Teach Students to Listen and Read Well (DVD) Published by The Foundation for Critical Thinking
  • Parts of the Thinking Poster by Linda Elder and Richard Paul
  • Motivating Students to Think Critically by Teaching and Discovery (DVD) by Gerald Nosich
  • Critical Thinking Bookmarkers: Critical Reading by Critical Thinking Foundation