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Miss Shaw University 2019-20 Pageant

The Miss Shaw University 2019-20 Pageant took place on Saturday evening, April 13, 2019. The contestants are: Brianna Porter, a rising senior from Portsmouth, VA, majoring in exercise science with a concentration in pre-athletic training, and whose platform is social media awareness; and Denirricka Wright, a rising senior from Savannah, GA, majoring in social work, whose platform is "Empower and Change." 

The pageant actually is only one step toward the title. Scoring is broken down into four sections:

In order to compete, contestants submitted a Professional Portfolio that included an application, a resume, a description of community service, a professional photograph, grade point average, a letter of support from parents or guardians, a letter of interest, an essay. The Portfolio was judged on content, clarity, and professionalism, and comprised up to 10 points toward a candidate’s total score. 

During the pageant, contestants competed in several categories: Introduction, Campus Wear, Business Attire, Evening Wear, and On Stage Question, each of which counted for up to 20 points toward a candidate’s total score, for a pageant total of 100 points. The judges named a winner in each category, as well as a winner of the overall pageant:

  • Best Introduction – Brianna Porter
  • Best Campus Attire – Denirricka Wright
  • Best Business Attire – Denirricka Wright
  • Best Formal Wear – Brianna Porter
  • Best Q&A – Denirricka Wright

Shaw students’ votes on April 17 will determine who will be named the next Miss Shaw, with voting operating on a point system: first place will receive a maximum of 50 points, and second place will receive 40 points. All scores will then be tabulated to determine the winner.

Contestants for other positions on the Royal Court are: Mr. Kimmathy Jones, a business management major running for Mr. Sophomore; Miss Keiyonda Crowder, a biology major running for Miss Junior; Mr. Jerome Boyce, a computer science major running for Mr. Junior; Miss Jechea Briggs, a mass communications major running for Miss Senior; and Kiyana Grant, a mass communications major running for Miss Senior.

All members of the Royal Court announced on Thursday, April 18, and they will be crowned this coming October during Shaw’s Homecoming.