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Tramaine L. Land,
Student Writer


February 1, 2011 - United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Power Breakfast was recently held in Durham at the Hayti Heritage Center. The United Negro College Fund provides financial assistance to students attending 39 liberal arts colleges around the country. Locally, the UNCF School is Shaw University in Raleigh. Supporters were encouraged to continue to support to the fundraising efforts of UNCF. 

They say that Tyisha Willis (Miss Shaw University), Andrew Cann (Executive President of Student Government Association) and Stedman Stelle (UNCF scholarship winner) are a “Dynamic Trio.” They spoke at the UNCF breakfast to tell how much Shaw University appreciates their scholarship funds and the help of UNCF.

They helped raise up to $5,000 at the breakfast. Dr. Bernadette Watts feels as if the “Dynamic Trio” helped the most along with “The K&K epic:” Ms. Kim Sanders (CEO of Mechanics & Farmers Bank) and Mr. Ken Grimes (Sr. VP, Piedmont Investment). She said, “When you find out where your passion is, you can help give.”

Tyisha Willis said, “It was a powerful experience to be in the room. It opened my eyes to see that, no matter were you come from, you can be successful - that it was based on your individuality.” She felt that the “K&K epic” was great. She said Ken Grimes was a great people person.

Stedman Stelle, a UNCF scholarship winner, said it was amazing to have the feel of the great people in the room. He said the speakers spoke on a level that kept you on your feet and also kept you reminded that you were there to help raise money.

When asked how it feels to be a scholarship winner and speak at the event, he said, “I like it and appreciate that they gave me a chance to speak in front of the people that helped me go to college.”




Stedman Stelle, UNCF Scholarship Recipient, Gwynth Nelson, UNCF Liaison for Shaw University, Miss Shaw University, Tyesha Wills 

(l to r) Stedman Stelle addresses Power Breakfast attendees while Andrew Cann (SGA President) and Miss Shaw looks on 




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