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February 10, 2011 - To make its impact on the community and the world felt, Shaw must partner with community groups involved in education and community improvement such as Rotary.  This was the message that Shaw University President Dr. Irma McClaurin brought to the Raleigh Rotary during their February luncheon.

During her address, Dr. McClaurin stressed the history of partnership between the two groups as well as the Rotary Club’s long-time commitment to education within the community.  She pointed out that while Shaw was the first HBCU in the south, the Rotary Club was the first civic club in the state of North Carolina.

Expanding on her continuing theme of community involvement and partnerships, Dr. McClaurin focused on Shaw’s role in educating future educators and the Rotary Club’s role in promoting education – especially to underserved populations in Raleigh.

Dr. McClaurin spoke of Shaw creating a culture of collaboration and partnerships and how the Raleigh Rotary was an outstanding example of how those partnerships are formed and the strength of collaboration in the improvement of the community.



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