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Welcome Genesis Class of 2015


We welcome and thank you for choosing Shaw University to begin your quest of achieving academic excellence.  This pursuit to accomplish your personal, professional, and career goals through higher education is truly a “new beginning” on a road that has been well-traveled by generations of world leaders and social activists. Your journey to knowledge advancement, spiritual and ethical enhancement, and transformation into a global leader starts now.

All of the programs and activities scheduled this week should assist in your first year acclimation to Shaw University. Throughout the week a number of academic workshops and activities have been provided to introduce you to Shaw University programs and services. Please make sure you check the Shaw University website for Student Orientation information at including the Orientation Letter.

You are now a part of a cooperative spirit of distinguished scholars, researchers, faculty members, and students who are committed to making a difference, not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others. We look forward to the impression you will make as an emergent Shaw University leader.

Welcome to Shaw University!