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“Don’t Quit”

Philippians 3:14
Isaiah 40: 29-31 

A few years ago a friend challenged me to run a 5K with her, and I accepted.  My goal was not to finish the race within a certain amount of time but to run the entire 5K without having to stop and walk.  I trained and prayed for six weeks on my own.  Finally, race day arrived and I did everything I should have done.  I was hydrated, well rested, had eaten the recommended breakfast and dinner the night before, and I was excited.  Though during my training I had run one or two hills, I realized about half way through the race that maybe one or two was not enough.  The course had multiple hills and several times I got tired but was able to push through without walking.  I reached a point, however, when I just wanted to stop completely.  It was then that I heard a voice in my head say, ‘Donna you’ve come this far. Just push through.’ Though slow and weary, I jogged on for what had to be no more than mere seconds.  I turned the corner, and I saw the finish line.  It was all I needed to pick up my pace and finish strong. 

No matter how prepared we think we are life has a way of presenting unexpected terrain.  Similar to what Dr. King once wrote, my darkest moment of struggle had become my first moment of victory.  I know the voice that I heard was the voice of God.  Unlike us, God knows what is around the corner if we trust and push through.  We are closest to our goal when it seems it may never come.