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Shaw Partners with ChildTrust Foundation to Support Single-Parent Students

Shaw University announced a new partnership with the ChildTrust Foundation to assist full-time students in their quest to balance education, work and family life. The Foundation has awarded the university with a $15,000 grant to support its Center for Early Childhood Education, Development and Research, which will defray child care costs for full-time students enrolled in the program, and specifically support single parents.

Shaw officials said the grant is the first and vital step in helping to increase college access and completion for students with unlimited desire and potential, but with few resources to match increasing college costs.

"Data tells us that parents who are college graduates are more likely to raise children who will go on to become college graduates," said Shaw University President Tashni-Ann Dubroy. "This grant is not only an investment in our current students, but in the generations who will follow them to see college as an asset to developing their careers, and Shaw as a premier resource for training and development," Dubroy said.

According to the 2015 the Parents and the High Cost of Child Care report, the average costs for child care in most states exceeds a year’s tuition and fees at a public college. More than 120 student-parents are a part of Shaw's 2015-16 full-time student enrollment this year,and internal surveying reveals that a majority of them spend more than 30 hours a week providing child care or spending in excess of 40 percent of their income to arrange for full-time child care.

The program is expected to help qualifying students in their junior or senior year of study and low-income working families - financing up to 50 percent of child care costs.

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