Shaw University 150
2012 EPA Research Apprenticeship Students

Shaw University/U.S. EPA Research Apprenticeship Program


All participants are required to take the following classes during each session:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computer Science
  • Communication Arts

These classes are supplemented with guest lectures by scientist and field trips to science related sites, i.e. museums, hospitals, laboratories, research and development centers, etc. Other program activities include:

  • enrichment activities in science, mathematics, pre-engineering, and communications
  • hands-on activities
  • research experiences in an Environmental Protection Agency facility in Research Triangle Park, NC
  • mentor seminars
  • career awareness workshops
  • field trips to scientific/technological facilities
  • cultural/recreational activities
  • parental awareness workshops


All textbooks, stationary, supplies (memory sticks, pen/pencils, etc.) are supplied to all participants. The field trips are also fully paid by the program. 

Participants are paid at the following rates (Subject to change):

Grade Summer Session Academic Year Session
9th $140/week $80/month
10th $160/week $100/month
11th $180/week $120/month
12th $200/week $140/month