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2012 EPA Research Apprenticeship Students

Shaw University/U.S. EPA Research Apprenticeship Program


The success of the Shaw University/U.S. EPA Research Apprenticeship Program is well demonstrated. In its 22 years, more than 120 students have completed the program. An astounding 100% of those students have finished college, and of those, 90% have majored in science, math, or engineering. Fifty-seven percent have continued on to graduate or professional school. Some of the colleges/universities attended by former participants include:

- California Polytechnic University - University of North Carolina at Ashville
- Davidson College - Duke University
- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - East Carolina University
- University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Morehouse College
- University of North Carolina at Greensboro - North Carolina A&T State University
- Wake Forest University - North Carolina Central University
- Xavier University - North Carolina State University
- Yale University - Princeton University
- Shaw University  

Thirty former and current participants have been accepted into the prestigious North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. The overall high school grade point average of participants is 3.57 on a 4.0 grading scale. Participants have co-authored peer-reviewed journal articles based on research conducted while working at EPA, been employed at EPA in subsequent summers, been selected into competitive schools and research programs, and been the recipients of over half a million dollars in scholarships and grants.