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Continuing Christian Education

As a part of our mission, Shaw University Divinity School maintains a Continuing Education Office in accordance with SACS requirements. This Continuing Education Office offers continuing education programs such as Conferences, Special Offering Workshops, and an In-Service Program for ministers and church leaders.

The In-Service Program for Ministers and Church Leaders

The In-Service Program is designed for persons who are engaged in church leadership roles and others interested in enriching their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the work and witness of the Christian Church. It is based on the belief that all Christians should involve themselves in on-going systematic study of the Word and work of the Christian Faith. The In-Service Program is open to any interested Christians who wish to commit their focus to fulfilling the ministry and mission of the church. 

The In-Service Program for Ministers provides annual study opportunities in the basic disciplines of theological education for ministers and laypersons on Tuesday evenings, excluding holidays, from September through May. It seeks to address the needs and aspirations of persons with a high school diploma or less formal education. The basic focus of the program is on introduction to Bible and Preaching.

Persons attending six consecutive semesters of the program will be awarded the Basic In-Service Certificate of Completion. Persons attending ten consecutive semesters will be awarded the Advanced In-Service Certificate of Completion.

The current cost of the program is $125 per semester. This cost is subject to change.