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Shaw Wins $10,000 Home Depot Grant

May 7, 2014 – Home Depot announced that Shaw University will receive a $10,000 grant as part of the “Retool Your School” contest. Shaw was one of 17 HBCUs to receive a grant during the competition. The University was selected based on more than 30,000 online votes and 500 social media posts.

The University will use the grant money to enhance the campus’ appearance. Indigenous plants will be planted on the hill going down from Estey Hall onto the sidewalk of Blount Street.  Stone accents will be added to spell out the University’s name, making a lasting impact on the community at large.  On the other side of the street, a Koi pond will be added and the area will be finished with benches and tables. In addition, liriope will be planted on Blount Street to prevent erosion and a butterfly garden will be planted at the corner of Blount and Martin Luther King Boulevard for its aesthetic value to the University and the community.