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Student Leaders Meet with Raleigh City Council Members

Students and City Council meeting

November 18, 2013 - Raleigh City Councilmen Eugene Weeks and Russ Stephenson joined Shaw student leaders for an on-campus lunch last semester. The lunch provided an opportunity for Shaw students to build a relationship with local representatives. During the meeting, the group discussed a variety of issues, including public transportation, economic development, voting rights and gun control laws. The councilmen expressed their gratitude for the students’ participation in the last election, and offered additional ways for students to participate in the democratic process. The following students participated in the luncheon:

  • Taylor Britt: President, Shaw University NAACP Student Chapter
  • Ariel Griffin: President, Shaw University Political Science Club   
  • Farran Jackson: Shaw Student
  • DaQuan Lightfoot: Member, Shaw University Political Science Club
  • Brandon Smith: Member, Shaw University Student Government Association
  • Korneil Williams: Member Shaw University Political Science Club

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