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Faculty Development

Mission and Goals

The mission and goals of the Faculty Development program at Shaw University are fulfilled by:

  • Creating an office that provides opportunities and resources to help the faculty strengthen their teaching and technological skills.
  • Providing funds for faculty to attend conferences and workshops pertinent to teaching and the learning process.
  • Organizing in-house workshops and conferences on the integration and use of technology for the delivery of information in the classroom.
  • Instituting activities that help new faculty quickly adjust and get assimilated into the institutional and professional arenas.
  • Providing a supportive and rewarding system for faculty who are innovative and are recognized by their peers for their excellence in teaching, advancing of learning, and scholarship.
  • Providing financial assistance in the form of mini-grant awards for activities and projects geared toward promoting and improving teaching effectiveness, scholarship, and enhancing student learning.
  • Providing a forum for faculty to dialog with one another -brown-bag seminars - sharing ideas, discussing issues that are pertinent to the overall teaching profession, individual research, and / or student learning, while also creating a sense of community.