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DWF Scholarship Recipients with Dr. Dillard

The Dereck Whittenburg Foundation Awards Four Scholarships

The  Dereck Whittenburg Foundation awarded its coveted scholarship to four Shaw University students. The scholarship provides assistance to deserving college students who would otherwise be unable to financially afford to pursue a college degree.

"The DW Foundation is pleased to invest in the futures of these amazing young men and women who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their pursuit of a college education," said Jacqueline Whittenburg, the Foundation’s executive director and co-founder. “Shaw has always produced great leaders from diverse backgrounds and we are thrilled we can assist these students as they continue their education at one of North Carolina's historic universities,” said Whittenburg.  

Last year, the DW Foundation awarded seven scholarships to Shaw students. This year the Foundation has awarded $5,000 scholarships to four students, totaling $20,000. 

“We are tremendously proud of these four students and all that they have accomplished,” said Shaw interim president Dr. Paulette Dillard. “We are thankful that the Whittenburg Foundation has decided to acknowledge their efforts and talents by awarding them these much-deserved scholarships. The Whittenburg Foundation is a tremendous asset and we are grateful for the work Dereck and Jacqueline are doing for deserving college students everywhere.”

The 2017 award recipients are Natasha Artis, Devon Dove, Jenise Wilkerson and Kimani Jiggetts. These recipients underwent a rigorous and highly competitive application and selection process which highlighted their academic performance as well as their leadership, service, and extracurricular activities.

The Dereck Whittenburg Foundation is the vision of former N.C. State University basketball standout Dereck Whittenburg, who helped lead the Wolfpack team to the NCAA National Championship in 1983. Today he continues to serve his alma mater as a member of the NC State athletics leadership team.

Whittenburg established the Dereck Whittenburg Foundation for the purpose of extending financial assistance to students who have a financial need, and who, without it, could not afford to pay the cost of tuition, and would risk not graduating from college. The DW Foundation’s mantra is “Dream. Believe. Work. Now Finish!"