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Writing Center Staff

Maegan Mercer-Bourne, Director
I have an undergrad degree in Musical Theatre and a Masters in Multicultural Literature. My specialties in tutoring are creative writing, literature, MLA and APA format, brainstorming, and word choice, but I have been a consultant for over 8 years and have experience in all areas, so don't hesitate to ask me anything. I love writing and words, so I hope I can inspire that love in you!

Ashley Popio
I have my BA in Performing Arts and English from Iowa State University and my MAT from NCSU. I have a husband and two dogs, and we all live quite happily in North Raleigh. My tutoring style is very relaxed and a tiny bit humorous. I am particularly good at structuring papers, via outlining and organization, but am happy to help you with anything!

Carla Monroe
I enjoy working with students and colleagues at Shaw University, particularly as related to writing endeavors. I am enthusiastic about teaching, research, and service and have an extensive background in education. In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, and hiking.

Naija Parker
My name is Naija Parker and I’m a junior at Shaw University. I am double majoring in Psychology and Biology. English is my best subject and I’m good at writing papers. I also love reading and writing!

Robert Lang
I was born and raised in Tampa, FL. I went to the University of Central Florida for my undergraduate degree and Wake Forest University for my graduate degree, both in English. Writing is the physical manifestation of one's thoughts, and, in many cases, it will be the only part of someone that a professor or employer sees. Being able to write well and effectively can mean the difference between graduating and flunking out of university, or gaining employment and losing the job opportunity of a lifetime. Having the greatest ideas in the world means nothing if they cannot be communicated professionally to others. I believe that writing is one of the most empowering skills that one may possess, and I take great pride in facilitating this skill in others.