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We provide individual consultations for any type of writing and for any stage of the writing process.

What is a consultation? 

A consultation is a chance for you to sit down with a writing specialist and talk about a specific piece you are working on. It’s not a “fix” for your paper, though you and your consultant will focus on developing solutions for 2-3 problem areas. The types of problem areas we usually work on are content development, thesis statements, organization, incorporating research, grammar, and style, but feel free to bring in any paper you want some guidance on.  Our consultations last about 30 minutes.  

What is an online consultation? 

An online consultation is run like a face-to-face meeting, but we’ll be “chatting” or using video. WCOnline (where you make an appointment) will allow you to choose “online appointment,” and will create a private session room for us. Click to view a video demonstrating how to register and use this.

Getting the most from a session

The Writing Center is a place for you to experiment with your writing—you may try a new type of introduction, or a different way of structuring a sentence. Be open to that experimentation. Your consultant will not tell you what to do. She will ask you a lot of questions about what your intentions are with the piece and offer suggestions that will help make those intentions clear to a reader. The choice to make a change is yours.

The same idea applies to grammar problems. Your consultant will point out any patterns of problems she sees, and will teach you how to avoid that problem. It will be up to you (with your consultant’s guidance) to find and change instances of that problem.

How to prepare

You will need your assignment and any notes/ drafts that you have done (in hardcopy even if you uploaded your essay). Be sure to do any reading or planning that you can ahead of time. For example, if you want help brainstorming, you should have read all of your materials. If you want help with structure, try to create a sample outline.

How does a consultation look?

Watch video

Appointment Policies

  • If you need to cancel, you must cancel at least one hour before the appointment. You may cancel online or call the Center at 919-719-2285.
  • If you are more than five minutes late to your appointment, it may be given to a walk-in client, and it will be recorded as a missed appointment.
  • After three missed appointments in one semester, you may not make appointments—you are still encouraged to use the Center on a walk-in basis.
  • Submit only your own work. It is not the responsibility of the Writing Center to identify plagiarism; if you are unsure of whether or not you are plagiarizing, please bring in the source with your paper. If a consultant believes a paper is plagiarized, she is at liberty to end the consultation.