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WSHA Programming and Schedule

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Guest Program Description
Attorney General Josh Stein Justice Now with NC Attorney General Josh Stein A monthly program featuring John Stein, the Attorney General of North Carolina, his staff and constituents. The program provides relevant and timely information about the governance of the Department of Justice and its administrative operations to protect and defend the citizens of North Carolina. EVERY FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH, 12 NOON. For questions and comments, email
Cassandra Deck-Brown Behind the Badge with Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown A monthly program featuring Chief of Police, Cassandra Deck-Brown, sworn police officers and civilian employees. This program provides information about the resources, services and community involvement of the Raleigh Police Department. EVERY SECOND MONDAY OF THE MONTH, 12 NOON. For questions and comments, email
Cherie Berry Lunch and Labor with Commissioner Cherie Berry A monthly program that provides listeners with direct access to the Commissioner for Labor to answer questions and address concerns related to workplace safety and health, apprenticeships, wages and hours, elevators and amusement devices and much more. EVERY FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH AT 12 NOON. For questions and comments, email
Elaine Marshall Business and Beyond with Secretary of State Elaine Marshall A monthly program featuring Secretary of State Elaine Marshall.
Beth Wood Eye On the State with NC State Auditor Beth Wood A monthly program featuring North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood and her staff. This program is designed to inform North Carolinians about the operation, function and service of the North Carolina Office of the State Auditor. This program broadcasts EVERY FOURTH MONDAY OF THE MONTH, 12:00 NOON. For questions and comments, email
Nicole Gye'Nyame Perfectly Polished with Nicole

Perfectly Polished with Nicole is a program that focuses on iconic and high profile women. The goal of Perfectly Polished with Nicole is to empower and mentor women, helping them achieve success and self-fulfillment. The show broadcasts EVERY SECOND AND FOURTH THURSDAY OF THE MONTH AT 12 NOON. Please visit us on social media.
Instagram: PerfectlyPolishedWithNicole
Facebook:  Perfectly Polished with Nicole

Janet Howard  Upfront

A weekly community program hosted by community representative, Ms. Janet Howard, the Executive Director of Harriet B. Webster Task Force for Students Success in North Carolina. This program serves as a voice and resource for citizens that are disenfranchised and underrepresented. The program’s guests are community leaders and elected officials that provide insight about the affairs of Raleigh, Wake County and North Carolina as related to underserved communities. EVERY SATURDAY AT 9:00 AM. For questions and comments, email