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Library Mural - General Information

The library mural, "Black Achievement, USA" located on the right side of the main entrance of the 1st floor library Reading Room was painted by Louis Freund, who was artist-in-residence at Shaw University during the 1968-1969 academic years.

Background of the Artist

Louis Freund’s background includes twenty-five years of teaching experience including Hendrix College and Little Rock University in Arkansas, Stetson University in Florida and Bishop College in Texas.  He also sponsored a summer art school in the Ozark Mountains for seven years during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt when a program of decorating United States post office murals was first started.

Mr. Freund has painted murals in post offices, banks, and army camps.  He painted a design on the walls of the Zale Library at Bishop College in Dallas, Texas.

The mural: "Black Achievement, USA" is a part of the architecture of the Reading Room in color and design. The mural represents the images of famous African-Americans who made significant contributions to black history.

The artist used modern acrylic paint on a heavy linen canvas imported from Belgium.

Questions & Answers about the Library Mural 

An interview with the artist – Louis Freund