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CARES Act Funding

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) Report for Student Portion of CARES Act Funds

University Acknowledgement

Shaw University has signed and returned the certification and agreement form, and has used the funds to provide emergency aid grants to students.

Funds Available to Students

The University was awarded $2,258,545 from the CARES Act funds designated for Institutions of Higher Learning. Under the award guidelines, $1,129,273 of the award was allocated as direct payments to students for emergency aid grants. 

  • Funds Disbursed to Students as of May 8, 2020: $1,125,460

Total Number of Students Eligible for Title IV Federal Aid, and Therefore Eligible for HEERF Emergency Funds

  • Total students eligible to apply for funds: 1,056 

Policy for Determining Which Students Received Emergency Financial Aid Grant and Funding Amount per Student

The University determined Student Grant Award eligibility in accordance with Title IV funding requirements. The University determined Pell eligible students had the highest need awarding  $897,700 for these students and $227,760 non-Pell eligible students. These allocations resulted in emergency grant aid awards as follows:

Type of Student Number Student Awarded Award Per Student
Pell Eligible 764 $1,175
Other Eligible Students 292 $780

Announcements for Students