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Shaw University IT Help Desk

For Faculty, Staff, and students

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Faculty/Staff Support Phone Number: 919-546-8587
Contact email:


Accessing Email
Please use the following link to access your email from home or any location off-campus.

  • Login with your ShawU username and password then click on the Outlook button.

If more assistance is needed, call the Help Desk support line at 919-546-8587.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change my password?

2. I forgot my password – how can I reset it?

3.     How can I get my Faculty/Staff email on my smartphone?

  • You can download the Outlook app from the Apple iOS app store or the Google Play store. Login to the app with your ShawU email address and ShawU password

4.     How do I get my Student email on my smartphone?

  • Students can download the Gmail app from the Apple iOS app store or the Google Play store. Login to the app with your Bears email address and Bears password.

5.     What is my username?

  • For faculty and staff, your ShawU username is the first half of your email address before For students, your username is your student id number.

If You Have Problem or Need Help With Please Contact Email/Number Location
Moodle Access Issues Office of Digital Teaching and Learning   
Canon copier (toner, and other supplies) Help Desk 

Data Center TOS Complex
Canon copier (paper) Purchasing
Tyler Hall, Second Floor
Canon copier (need repairs) Canon Customer Support 800-355-1385
Cisco Telephones & Voicemail & Video Conferencing (VTC) IT Help Desk
Data Center TOS Complex
Email, Internet, Network Access and Connectivity, Printing, Hardware and Software Installation and Operation Network Help Desk
Data Center TOS Complex
IT Support
  • Computer and general technical support regarding Shaw systems for all faculty, staff, and students
  • Canon copier toner, repair, and troubleshooting
  • Campus network and wireless support
  • Enterprise systems and University-managed cloud platforms
  • Office of Information Technology
    Data Base, Jenzabar (EX System), Reports
    Online Registration, Grades, and Account Information (Students Only)
    Help Desk  

    Data Center TOS Complex
    PC-Based Applications, SAS, Data Analysis, Customized Reports, and Surveys Brian Cumberbatch
    Third Floor, Estey Hall