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Higher Education in Prison

The purpose of the Reducing Recidivism through Higher Education Program (RRHEP) is to equip justice involved persons with the skills and education to create a sustainable source of income upon release from prison and assist with reentry into society while reducing the risk factors that contribute to recidivism.  The program provides credit-bearing university courses to incarcerated individuals. The Laughing Gull Foundation has been a generous supporter of the RRHEP.  Shaw University’s RRHEP pilot program was initiated during the summer of 2021. The RRHE resulted in a 100% (9/9) completion rate with an average GPA of 3.87 and provided a model for educating students successfully during COVID conditions.

Reducing Recidivism through Higher Education (RRHE) Program Success:

  • All students obtained 7 credits.
  • Students have expressed interest in continuing their education at Shaw.
  • Students were eligible to take the personal training certification examination.
  • Students were all CPR certified.
  • Students were equipped to use a learning management system to receive course information.
  • Students were able to use an electronic device to receive course information with little to no support.