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Summer Academy Institute: June 18th – July 30th

The Summer Academy Institute (SAI) is a 6-week program designed to ease students’ personal and academic transition from high school to the University. You will earn 7 credits of general education courses (Math, English, Freshmen Seminar). Students will live on campus in a residential hall and enjoy weekly activities that will expose them to the campus environment and community. 


  • Earn seven (7) hours of college credit
  • Learn what will be expected of you in college
  • Participate in activities designed to build your academic skills and create a sense of community
  • Get a head start on college courses
  • Achieve higher grade point averages
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Meet friends and engage in social activities

We only have 4 spaces remaining for the program so apply as soon as possible. 

If you are interested in applying for SAI, please apply by June 4, 2021

Apply Now!

Should you have additional questions, please contact Dr. Raynor at 919-719-2284 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What are the dates of the Summer Academy Institute (SAI)?

The dates for SAI are June 18 – July 30, 2021. Students will arrive on campus at 10am on June 18th. Students will leave campus on July 30th at 2pm.

How am I selected to attend the Summer Academy Institute?

Students are invited to attend SAI once they have been admitted to the University. Students who are not admitted to the University are unable to attend the Summer Academy Institute.

Does Summer Academy Institute cost anything? Do I need to bring money with me for the summer?

The SAI program covers tuition, fees, housing, books and food. This fee is covered by the completion of your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Students should have additional funds for personal use, which includes preferred, shopping, laundry, etc.

  Will I earn college credit for the courses that I am taking?

Yes, you will earn 7 college credit hours by the end of the summer. These courses and grades are part of your permanent transcript and are the beginning of your Shaw University grade point average.

  How is course enrollment determined?

All students will be enrolled in freshmen English and Math as well as freshmen seminar.

  Can you drop a course in the Summer Academy Institute?

As a requirement of the Summer Academy Institute, you must remain enrolled in all classes for the duration of the program. You will not be allowed to drop any of your classes during the summer.

Can I go home on the weekends?

Summer Academy Institute students are expected to stay on campus for the duration of the 6 weeks. Students must notify the SAI director of any weekend they need to leave campus for approval in advance (e.g., family emergency). The weekends are a time for students to embrace the campus and learn more about student life. Fun-filled activities are planned each weekend, so you do not want to miss out. This will also serve as time to study and getting to know more about your home away from home.

  May I leave campus for the 4th of July weekend?

Students enrolled in SAI will celebrate the holiday weekend with their SAI peers. It will be a fun-filled weekend of activities that you will not want to miss.

  Do I have to move out of this dorm and then move back in the fall?

Yes, you do have to move out of the assigned dorm at the end of Summer Academy Institute. You will be allowed to move back to campus again in the fall. Everything you bring with you for the summer, must be taken away at the end of the Summer Academy Institute, even if you are assigned to the same dorm in the fall.

  Do I have to participate in the closing ceremony?

Yes. All students are expected to participate in all components of SAI. The SAI closing ceremony is mandatory, and students and their families should plan accordingly. You will be able to check-out of the dorm immediately following the closing ceremony.

  Does Summer Academy Institute cover the cost of orientation? Do I still have to attend orientation?

SAI DOES NOT cover the cost of orientation. You must pay all fees to Student Accounts. You are required to attend orientation.

  Do my parents need to stay and attend orientation with me?

Orientation is designed for students and parents/guardians. SAI is a separate office and program from the New Student Orientation. It is preferred that your parent/guardian attend New Student Orientation with you as there are sessions just for parents.

  Will I get to choose my Summer Academy Institute roommate?

or SAI, each student will have a single room for the entire 6 weeks.

  May I bring a vehicle to use while attending Summer Academy Institute?

Shaw University is centrally located in downtown Raleigh, which means everything you need is within walking distance or deliverable. In addition, the city of Raleigh has public transportation that you will be allowed to use during your exploration time. Students are able to walk to local vendors or restaurants for exploration purposes. However, you are only allowed to leave campus with an SAI peer. Exploration times will be provided by the SAI director.