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Feature - Strategic Plan

2025 Strategic Planning Process: A New Era of Excellence!

Building on the success of the EPIC 2020 Strategic Plan, Shaw University is pleased to announce the kick-off of the strategic planning process for 2020-2025. 

The Shaw University 2025 Strategic Plan is essential to the short- and long-term growth, evolution, and sustainability of the University. The Shaw 2025 Strategic Plan will establish a vision for the next five years and a set of measurable goals and objectives to help guide decisions on institutional investments, programs and activities. 

To ensure that the 2025 strategic planning process and final strategic plan reflect the perspectives and values of the Shaw University community, the University will offer several opportunities for students, faculty, alumni, staff, trustees and friends to provide input into this plan.   

Shaw University looks forward to your support, engagement, and participation in this critical process as we enter A New Era of Excellence!


Phase Description Time Frame 
  Project Kick-Off  Spring 2019
Phase I  Data Collection and Analyses Spring 2019
Phase II Identify and Prioritize Strategic Issues Spring 2019
Phase III  Develop SMART Strategic Goals  Spring/Summer 2019 
Phase IV  Develop Strategic Initiatives  Spring/Summer 2019 
Phase V  Review and Adoption of Plan  Summer/Fall 2019 
Phase VI  Plan Launch and Implementation  Fall 2019-Spring 2020 
Phase VII  Continuous Assessment and Improvement  Summer 2020 (Ongoing) 

Comments or Questions?

Questions regarding the Shaw 2025 Strategic Planning Process can be submitted via e-mail to:

Dr. Michael West
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer