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Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy 

A transfer student is defined as an undergraduate student who has earned twelve (12) or more transferable hours from a regionally accredited institution. Transfer credit is designated on the student’s academic transcript with the name of the institution, the course number, title and credit hours. The grade from the other institution is not recorded on the Shaw University transcript.

It is the student’s responsibility to request that all transcripts and other records be forwarded to the Office of Admissions. Copies of all post­secondary transcripts must be received prior to enrollment. Transcripts received after mid-semester of the First Semester of enrollment may not be processed for advanced standing. Transfer credits accepted for credit toward a Shaw University degree must be completed at an institution that is accredited as degree granting by a postsecondary regional accred­iting commission at the time the course work was completed. Exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the University. Transfer credit is given only for courses in which the student earned a final grade of “C” or above.

To earn a Shaw University degree, students transferring from accredited senior colleges:

  • May transfer no more than 90 credit hours;
  • Are required to complete successfully at least 30 semester hours or one academic year of study at Shaw University.

    Students transferring from a two-year institution:

  • May transfer no more than 70 credit hours;
  • Are required to complete at least 30 semester hours for the associate degree and at least 50 semester hours for the baccalaureate degree at Shaw University.
  • Must provide transcripts from colleges and universities that are on the quarter system calculated to show value in semester hours.

For a currently enrolled Shaw student to pursue courses of any type, at another institution, for transfer credit towards a Shaw degree, the student must obtain, in advance of registration for such course(s), written ap­proval from his or her advisor, Department Chair, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Credits are processed and entered on the student’s transcript showing course names, descriptive titles, and credit hours per course. Grades are not transferable and are not recorded or computed in the student’s grade point average (GPA).

Students who have attended one of the North Carolina Community Colleges may have their credit accepted as described in the articulation agreement between the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities and the community Colleges. More information is available on this agreement at

Graduate Transfer Credit Policy 

Education Department 
Course work accepted for credit toward the Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Early Childhood Education must represent graduate course work relevant to the degree. Course content and level of instruction must result in student competencies equivalent to those of students enrolled in Shaw University’s Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction degree program. Graduate credit is not awarded for portfolio-based experiential learning which occurred prior to matriculation into the Master of Science degree program in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and which was not supervised by a Shaw University graduate program faculty member. Transfer credits from other institutions must be evaluated and approved by the student’s advisor and the Graduate Program Coordinator. Transfer credits must be earned from a regionally accredited institution. Courses that are more than three (3) years old or that have grades lower than a “B” will not be accepted. Up to six (6) credit hours are transferable.

Shaw University Divinity School (SUDS) 
SUDS accepts transfer credit for course work completed towards the MDiv or MACE degrees from other institutions accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). No more than one-half of the credits required for the MDiv (45 semester hours) or the MAC degree (33 semester hours) may be approved for transfer credit. A student may request transfer of credits from other graduate degree programs towards the MDiv or MACE. Such requests are considered on a case by case basis. Transfer credits must be transferable as graduate credits from an institution accredited by ATS or a regional accrediting body. The courses to be transferred must substantially correspond to the content of a course in the current Divinity School catalog. Ordinarily, no more than eighteen (18) graduate semester hours will be transferred from a non-theological graduate degree program. Students who have completed a graduate theological degree at an institution accredited by ATS may request to have those credits applied to the MDiv or MACE degree at Shaw (shared credit). The limit for shared credit is the lesser of either one-half the credits required for the other degree program or one-half the credits required for the degree being pursued at Shaw University Divinity School. This policy also applies to Shaw University Divinity School students who have completed either the MDiv or MACE  degree and wish to share credits from their degree towards the other degree. Students who wish to receive transfer or shared credit should make the request in writing to their academic advisor during their first semester at Shaw University Divinity School. Official transcripts are required for completion of the process. The academic advisor will submit a written request to the Divinity School Admissions, Registration and Graduation Committee. The Committee will make a recommendation to the faculty for action. All courses transferred or shared towards the MDiv and MACE degrees will appear on the student’s transcript as a Pass (“P”). Transfer or shared credits are not counted in the student’s GPA.