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The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a FREE and virtual resource for the entire Shaw University community, providing e-tutoring and online writing appointments. Our job is to make you a stronger writer by giving you choices that will help you transform your draft into a polished final product. We’ll not only work on making one specific paper the best it can be, but we’ll help you improve your skills so that every paper is better than the last. Whether you want someone else to take a look at a draft, or just want a comfortable place to write, the Writing Center is here for you.

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For resources or answers to questions visit our YouTube page or check out of upcoming resource guide and blog

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The Shaw University Writing Center has transitioned to a virtual resource, providing strictly online, E-tutoring and Zoom appointments. For the remainder of the Spring semester, the Writing Center will be offering free e-touring and online tutoring services to the entire Shaw community. We are excited to provide each student with the skills, resources, and tools to transform their draft into a polished final product. Not only are we equipped to help students of all skill levels with writing assignments, but we can also assist with blogs, essays, cover letters and more.

What services does the Writing Center provide? 

  • Outlining and Planning: Brainstorming
  • Major Revision: Content Creation
  • Minor Revision: Small Corrections
  • Style and Polish: Editing/Suggestions

The Writing Center will also provide YouTube writing workshops and presentations available on our YouTube channel every week. Additionally, we have digital writing resources available under our Writing Resources tab.
Access our online writing presentations on our YouTube page