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About Shaw University

University Traditions

The University conducts at least four major assemblies during the school year. All members of the University community are expected to attend these formal gatherings. All are mandatory for freshmen, first year students and seniors matriculating in the Raleigh-Durham area. 

  1. Fall Convocation recognizes the official opening of the academic year. The University President normally speaks at this occasion.
  2. Founder's Day Convocation celebrates the founding of the University.
  3. Honors Convocation recognizes and pays tribute to those persons who have excelled in curricular and extracurricular activities.
  4. Spring Convocation affords the University an opportunity to celebrate the second part of the school year. 

Homecoming is a festive occasion in which the entire campus becomes involved. It is a time when alumni of Shaw University return to the University to renew old acquaintances and enjoy the festivities of the week. Among the major attractions are the Crowning of Miss Homecoming, the Homecoming Concert, a parade, the traditional basketball game, and a fraternity and sorority "step show." 

Founder's Day
Shaw University was founded in 1865. This founding is celebrated annually with a Founder's Day Convocation. The speakers chosen for this occasion are persons who have made significant contributions to society. 

Coronation of Miss Shaw
The Coronation of Miss Shaw University is characterized by an atmosphere of royalty, splendor, and campus unity. 

Religious Emphasis Week
Religious Emphasis Week is a period when the University emphasizes the importance of religion in the growth and development of the human personality. During this week, celebrated clergy and lay persons are invited to campus to participate in interdenominational activities. 

Athletic Banquet
The Athletic Banquet is an affair that honors outstanding athletes at the University, and special tributes are made during the Spring Semester. 

Cultural & Spiritual Enrichment Seminar (CASES)
CASES at Shaw is a program designed to expose participants to messages by outstanding community leaders. Attendance is mandatory for all freshmen and strongly encouraged for the entire University Community. 

Service Awards
Service Awards are presented to members of the campus community in a special program. This is done in appreciation of meritorious and outstanding service beyond the normal or expected call of duty. 

Senior Reception
Senior Reception is an annual event for graduating seniors and is hosted by the President of the Senior Class. Graduating seniors and their parents/guardians and friends join the campus community in a special night of celebration, with expressions of appreciation from the seniors to all who have contributed to their success. 

Students are not allowed to participate in the commencement exercises unless they have been cleared for graduation. 

Shaw University Code of Conduct

The personal conduct of a University student is subject to the moral and legal restraints found in any law-abiding community. The code of conduct is a positive force outlining the responsibility of each member of the Shaw community to uphold the standards and policies of the University plus all other guidelines that pertain to good order and human decency. 

The Shaw University Code of Conduct is as follows: 

I count it an honor to have been accepted as a member of the Shaw University Family by virtue of my status as a student, employee, alumnus, supporter, or friend. I covenant, therefore, to conduct myself and my activities in such a way as to reflect credit upon myself, my faith community, my sponsor(s) but most especially upon my Alma Mater. Accordingly, I agree: 

  1. To hold in trust the traditions, practices, and laws that govern this historic University.
  2. To respect all property, discouraging vandalism and thefts of any and all things that do not belong to me. Most especially, to respect myself, exhibiting the values, morals, discipline, and cultural matrix upon which Shaw University was founded.
  3. To always be accountable for my personal, social and professional conduct.
  4. To celebrate diversity. I recognize and therefore affirm the dignity and worth of others who live, work or study in this academic community.
  5. To discourage any behavior within myself or among my peers that would jeopardize the integrity or the reputation of this University. I will accordingly report any and all violations to the appropriate authority.
  6. To foster an open and caring environment.