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Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy refers to the prescribed use of recreational and other leisure activities as treatment interventions to maintain or improve the functional living competence of persons with physical, mental, emotional and/or social disadvantages in a quest for optimal well-being and enhanced quality of life.  Our mission is to prepare students for employment as practitioners, scholars, and researchers in both the theoretical and applied aspects of the discipline.  This is accomplished by providing Recreational Therapy students with the knowledge and skills basic to the practice of the discipline, instilling them with the fundamental attitudes of professionalism, teaching, service to the community, and a desire for lifelong learning in a personalized, culturally rich and dynamic learning environment that fosters faculty, staff, and student engagement.  In addition, the Recreational Therapy Program provides educational opportunities for a diverse population who otherwise might not have the opportunity to become licensed and certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists.  Recreational Therapy graduates will find a variety of career opportunities.  Some settings include: Clinics and Hospitals; Residential Facilities; Rehabilitation Settings; Long Term Care Facilities; Mental Health Centers; Adult Day Centers; Municipal Recreation Departments; Agencies Working With People With Developmental Disabilities; Agencies Working With At-Risk Youth; Camp Programs; and Correctional Facilities. A minimum of 605 clock hours of professional observations, practicum experiences, and internship is an integral component of the major.

Major Requirements for Recreational Therapy

Course Credits
BIO 371 Anatomy & Lab 4
HPE 221 Introduction to HPER & Allied Health Professions 3
HPE 274 First Aid & Safety 2
HPE 374 Kinesiology & Analysis of Human Movement and Lab 3
HPE 214 Beginning Swimming
HPE 215 Intermediate Swimming
HPE 432 Organization and Administration of HPER 3
PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 210 Human Development 3
PSY 304 Abnormal Psychology 3
REC 281 Principles & Techniques of Recreation 3
REC 381 Planning & Administration of Social Recreation 3
REC 382 Parks & Recreation Supervision 3
TRC 222 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation 3
TRC285 Supervised Experience in Recreational Therapy I 3
TRC 310 Professional Foundations of Recreational Therapy 3
TRC 342 Assessment and Documentation Strategies in Recreational Therapy 3
TRC 372 Intervention Strategies and Facilitation Techniques in Recreational Therapy 3
TRC 385 Supervised Experience in Recreational Therapy II 1
TRC 400 Trends & Issues in Recreational Therapy 3
TRC 423 Recreational Therapy in a Clinical Setting 3
TRC 485 Pre-Internship Seminar in Recreational Therapy 1
TRC 491 Internship in Recreational Therapy 12
Total Hours Required  121