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Minor in Religion and Philosophy

Students who are majoring in another discipline may elect to minor in either Religion or Philosophy. Such minors can be especially useful for many majors, among them Social Work, Political Science and Psychology. Many other students find the minor attractive for critical thinking skills, or because of their interest in the subject matter.

Each minor requires that a student successfully complete 15 hours in the minor. Courses which are also part of the General Education requirements may count toward the minor.

Minor in Religion:  Required Courses

  • Religion 225 Introduction to Religion
  • Religion 234 World Religions
  • Religion 235 Bible
  • Religion 295 African American Religion
  • Religion 300 History of Christianity

Minor in Philosophy: Required Courses

  • Philosophy 240 Intro to Philosophy
  • Philosophy 255 Logic and Thinking
  • Philosophy 285 African American Philosophy
  • Philosophy 343 Contemporary Philosophy 2014 Undergraduate Catalog
  • Philosophy 363 Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy