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Division of Social Sciences Faculty

Graham, Cynthia 
(2002); M.Ed, Troy State University
Division Head, Social Sciences, Instructor of Criminal Justice 

Dabney, Michelle
(2003); MA, Cleveland State University
Instructor of Psychology 

Palmer, Shelby
(2003); Ph.D., Alliant International University
Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Robinson, Sonya
(2013); Ph.D., Walden University
Associate Professor of Psychology/Program Coordinator of Psychology 

Rogers, Dennis
(2008); Ph.D., Howard University
Assistant Professor, Political Science/Program Coordinator of Political Science

Walton, Cassandra 
(2010); MA, North Carolina Central University
Instructor of Sociology/Program Coordinator of Sociology 

Yarborough, Felicia 
(2000); MA, University of Missouri
Instructor of Criminal Justice/Program Coordinator of Criminal Justice