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Course Descriptions

Honors Colloquium HON 101 (1) (Freshmen)
This course seeks to guide students in understanding honors education, academic majors, and minors, determining career possibilities resulting from those areas of study, and preparation needed for graduate study or successful placement in the field. Scholars will have opportunities for professional and personal development, including discussions with faculty and professionals in the areas of study offered by Shaw University. It also seeks to help them comprehend the purpose and value of higher education, develop positive attitudes toward the teaching-learning process, and acquire coping skills essential for successful college life.

Honors Colloquium HON 102  (1) (Freshmen)
This introductory immersion course in African American philosophy and social thought will explore the historical and modern-day connections between society, race, class, and the social institutions that influence such divisions. It will delve into the origins of opinions and self-perceptions of elite groups within society or privilege for certain people. Emphasis will be placed on historical notions of class and present-day understanding of social status through major social institutions primarily concentrated upon by W.E.B. DuBois and E. Franklin Frazier education, the Black Church/religion, politics, the Black press, and Black business. Classic works, as well as contemporary studies and media, are used. It strives to train students to become well-read, how historic perspective continues to impact modern thought on race, class, and society.

Honors English HON 165-Rhetoric and Composition (3) (Usually Incoming Freshmen)
This course is designed for students admitted to the Honors Program; it offers enhancement of writing and critical-thinking skills through intensive writing and analysis of exposition, argumentation, and research. Activities are chosen for analysis and written expression of ideas and issues in various disciplines, perspectives, and cultures, emphasizing models by African American authors. Enrollment in this course is granted through the Honors Program.

Honors English HON 265-Literature (3) (Usually Second Semester Freshmen and Sophomores)
This is a designated freshman-sophomore Honors course which means that in addition to the expected course outcomes and objectives, this course will include the four identify  elements of Honors education in a more complex and rigorous approach to critical thinking, literary analysis, reading & writing, identification of devices and themes, independent research & presentations, interdisciplinary approaches and student engagement in global and community involvement through the study of comparisons of African-American and world literature. Enrollment in this course is granted through the Honors Program.

Honors Colloquium HON 201 (1) (Sophomores) Prerequisite HON 102 or by permission
Through readings, discussions, and presentations by persons from different areas of expertise in leadership capacities, students will develop an awareness of challenges to and ideals of leadership, exceptionally emotionally intelligent leadership. Students will be encouraged to investigate their leadership ideals, shortcomings, and challenges. Students will learn leadership responsibilities within a group and how leadership is exemplified through planning, meeting management, and time management.

Honors Colloquium HON 202  (1) (Sophomores) Prerequisite HON 201 or by permission
This immersion course in ethnography uses classic works/texts as a basis of ethnographic study – a first-hand, detailed account of a particular culture or event which may contest and/or sustain stereotypes of distinct groups, with specific emphasis on the African American experience.

Honors Special Topics HON 221 Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (3)  (OPEN to ALL Shaw University students)
This course is designed to expose scholars to various fields of knowledge, including current events, African-American history, American history, geography, math, science, social science, art, religion, fine arts, music, literature, sports, and pop culture in an atmosphere of preparation for academic competition. In the context of the subjects covered, the scholars will be instructed in “structured knowledge acquisition” and the fundamental techniques, rules, basic team strategies, and research processes for academic competition. The course uses metacognition approaches to research methods and technologies for data collection as a principal methodology in academic knowledge competitions. Scholars will be offered opportunities of an experiential nature through participation in the Shaw University Honda Campus All-Star Challenge program. 

Honors Colloquium HON 301 (1) (Juniors) Prerequisite HON 202 or by permission
This course guides students in necessary planning for a successful launch into the future after college. It emphasizes how practical issues such as devising a realistic budget, determining employment possibilities, planning for graduate school, and securing living arrangements can add to the confidence of new college graduates.  

Honors Colloquium HON 302 (1) (Juniors) Prerequisite HON 301 or by permission
This course will focus on graduate study preparation, planning, and executing a plan of action for assessing potential graduate/ professional schools, graduate school examinations, applications, personal statements, and financial planning, among other activities.

Honors Colloquium HON 401 (1) (Seniors)  Prerequisite HON 302 or by permission
This introductory course offers an overview of general research methods for their senior projects. This course aims to familiarize students to the essential elements of research design, enhance students ability to evaluate the research of others critically, enhance students understanding of what it means to be a researcher, familiarize students with the problems and limitations of studying the critical issues through firsthand experience with data collection and demonstrate the relevance of general research methods to one’s everyday lives. 

Honors Colloquium HON 402 (1) (Seniors) Prerequisite HON 401 or by permission
This CAPSTONE class focuses on senior students’ last few months in college - reviewing their experiences, planning immediate needs of their final semester, and planning for their futures as active members of the work force or graduate students. Students prepare final resumes, graduate school essays, and elevator speeches to confidently present themselves. Students complete their senior research projects for presentation in a public forum.