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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why honors education?  What’s in it for me? 
The Honors College will help you stay grounded and focused on your goals, encouraging you to pursue graduate studies. Students with shared interests and a love of learning push and help each other and will be challenged and encouraged to exceed their expectations.

Do I automatically get a scholarship?
No, being a member of the Honors College does not mean a scholarship. Indeed, the university’s Presidential Scholars are automatically members of the Honors College. Those students who exhibit high academic achievement throughout the university are considered for awards and scholarships presented annually on Awards Day. These are selected based on the criteria of each scholarship. Honors College students are required to actively and continuously apply for scholarships. The director will assist students in applying for many scholarships, fellowships, and internships by writing letters of recommendation and reviewing essays or other material required for application.

If I “try” the honors colloquium this semester, do I automatically get in the Honors College?
NO!  Admission to the Honors College will be through an application process. 

If I don’t like the honors colloquium, do I have to stay?
No, you do not have to finish the honors colloquium.  The last day to add or drop a class is announced on the university calendar and Shaw website.  If you are a Presidential Scholar, the honors colloquium is mandatory each semester you attend Shaw.  However, you cannot drop in and out of honors classes.

When is the honors colloquium?
The times of honors colloquia are posted within the course listings each semester.  Make sure you register for the CORRECT course!  The class locations are subject to change.  Students must have prerequisites or permission to take these classes.

I think I have what it takes, but my grades don’t show it.  Can I still be considered for the Honors College? 
Based on your application and interview, we will consider students who may not display the specified qualifications but believe they can work hard to become scholars and leaders! You may be admitted on a probationary status.